Hello welcome to my portfolio, I do Live2d rig for Facerig and here is some of my example work on Live2d model, note that some of this art do not belong to me and belong to the owner/artist who commissioned me to rig, credit belong to the original artist. Will add more once I have the free time. thank you for coming!

Personal Project
Commissioned by: Zed
Commissioned by: lillyfchu
art: @ToraSanTH
commissioned by: @AtsushiYu_ch
Art by: @thebagelchan
commissioned by: @ryuushiaria, twitch.tv/ryuushiaria
Art by: Xeph_Artworks
Commissioned by: twitch.tv/vpoi/
Commissioned by: @OmegaWolf3700
art : @san_sanimation
commissioned by: twitch.tv/ruutype

If you are the original artist for the artwork and want the content to be removed, do contact me. Thank you

Looking to buy Pre-made model that I made? visit here https://kumomori.com/live2d/

Looking to commission me? contact me through email at kumoforest@gmail.com or

any question Discord me at: macstwt#2582 (for faster reply)

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