Hi there, welcome to my new website Kumomori, I do Live2D rigging for Vtuber and maybe some other stuff in the future, I hope you enjoy your stay here.



Pricing (Live2D Commission)

Please read T.O.S and F.A.Q before commissioning me thank you!

My waitlist and previous work: waitlist



TIER 1150 USD+Chibi/ Half-bodyAngle head Z, Angle body Z, breathing, talking, eye movement, simple physics (hair, chest, clothes, etc)
TIER 2275 USD+Half-body/ Full-bodyAngle head XYZ, Angle body Z, breathing, talking, eye movement, simple full body physics (hair, chest, clothes, etc), face expression (optional)
TIER 3350 USD+Fullbody OnlyAngle head XYZ, Angle body XYZ, breathing, mouth movement, eye movement, Detailed full body physics (hair, chest, clothes, etc), extra face expression (optional)

All the price above may vary depend on complexity of the model and request (to be updated in the future)

Add-on pricing

add-on rigging for your model

Optional expression15-25 USD (each)Include glasses, pout and other expressions depend on complexity
Extra outfit or alternate clothes60-120 USDThis will vary depending on how much complexity on the outfit
Extra hair or alternate hair40-80 USDThis will vary depending on how much complexity on the hair
Extra arms or alternate arms40-80 USDwill vary depending on how much complexity on the movement and animation
Idle animation for tail and animal ear25-60 USDIdle animation for animal ear (kemonomimi) and tail to constantly moving throughout
Other animation request40-80 USDwill vary depending on how much complexity on the movement
hand tracking100-150 USDHand tracking using webcam

All the price above is not fixed and may change in the future


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Please follow these guidelines if you are commissioning me

Do credit me within your Twitter Bio, Youtube or Twitch descriptions, and include a hyperlink to my Twitter. (You can removed me from credit when you get a new rigger)

Twitter handle: Rig:@Kumoforest


  • By purchasing my services for Live2d rigging, you automatically agree to the following conditions

  • You are old enough (18+ older) to make a purchase to digital goods/ online services

  • Not filing for PayPal disputes and chargebacks without contacting me first for refunds reason and corrections on your commission

  • I retain all rights to post your commission online and in my portfolio

  • I have the right to reject your request/ commission for any reason

  • You may not claim my work as your own


  • I will only accept Paypal payment

  • Paypal Invoice will be sent to your email, there will be a 5% tax fee for each invoice sent from the final price given

  • You can choose to pay half payment in the invoice. You will need to pay the other half to get the final file.

  • All payment is in USD currency

  • Strictly no refunds and chargeback without contacting me first

  • I will refund if I cannot complete your commission (deadline passed reason or any other reason related)

frequently asked question

frequently asked questions (FAQs) Please read before placing order

Q: What do I need to do for you to get started?A: For starters you need to find your own artist to commission or draw you own character model art. I will only accept layered PSD File

Q: Do you draw or design a character for Live2D commission?A: No, at this moment I’m not planning to draw or design any character but I will try to collaborate with other artist that will design and draw character for you in the future.

Q: How long do you generally take to finish a commission?A: I generally finished one commission in 3-6 weeks since I only work part time in this. The quality of rigging would be better if you give me more time to do the rigging and it would save my wrist from pain as well.

Q: My model character move weirdly in the tracking software. What should I do?A: Every model character have different settings that you need to adjust or calibrate in the tracking software, there is also the need to adjust the camera in a position so it can track you better, please contact me if you have this problem.

Q: What form of payment do you accept?A: Only PayPal is currently accepted at this moment. By using my services to rig your model. You acknowledge that you will only receive your product in digital goods/ online services.

Q: You have accepted my commission, how do you update me of the current progress?A: I will update you if you ask me to update the current progress of rig. I will also send your test model to ask for your feedback before the final model is complete.

Q: What is a test model?A: Test model is where I send your current incomplete model rig for you to playtest. It might be at 40-80% progress and maybe without physics. This is the part where I can receive feedback from you to make your model better.

Q: How do I commission you?A: You can find me at my contact info button at the top, I will ask for character preview (not PSD file) first before I accept any commission, so please send me your character preview when asking for commission. This is not first come first serve, I have my own selection before I accept your commission

NOTE: Please be careful of scammer or other people that steal others people works to deceive you. Make sure to properly research first before you decide on anything, I have 8 official account which you can find at the contact info, anyone outside of it using the name of Kumomori is a scammer


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, discord or twitter with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

Commission contact email:

paypal email:

other contact:

DISCORD: Kumo#0094